Forum Title: Silicone to stop a leaking radiator?
Hi A fairly basic question - on a bathroom radiator there is a leak (from the side as shown in photo). This is a slow leak - maybe one drip every 2 days. The maintenance man looked at it and tightened it as much as it would go, however it is still dripping - but very slowly. Maybe one drip every 3 days. Someone suggest Silicone would help if spread around it (I have done this - rather messily). I used Unibond silicone sealant. I found a bit of water on the outside of the silicone today, not sure how it got there. Should I: 1) Leave it, if it drips then it drips and it might seal itself through oxidisation 2) take the silicone off and replace with Fernox LS-X which I have read is good. 3) Call someone out Any help for this amateur would be grateful Thanks Tom
Category: Plumber Post By: BERNARD OLIVER (Livermore, CA), 06/27/2017

call a pro. to fix, you would need to remove the leaking part, to do that, the system will get air in it and need to be bleed do not try and fix it your self. with out knowledge of a boiler can be severely burned

- NICOLE GOMEZ (Irving, TX), 09/08/2017

Thank you! I'll get the chap in. I had hoped I could avoid a call out charge - but better to be safe than risk burns (and probably a flood)

- FELIX HIGGINS (Palm Desert, CA), 09/30/2017

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