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Hello. Looking for some guidance on my current situation. Funds are low and a fix needs to happen. I have a jet aeration septic system. The tank is beside the house and runs out over 150 feet to the road. From the tank to the road there are 2 cleanouts one by the tank/house and one by the road. I currentlt have a pond overflow pipe which is broken the pond is out front of the house. I had to run a 2" trash pump for a few houds to keep my pond from over flowing. I ran the trash pump into the septic cleanout by the road which ties into the county drain tile. Woud anyone with somw knowledge tell me if im asking for troubke if i dig and bury a new 4" pvc line as a pond overflow into my septic cleanouf located by the road? I plan on starting 1' below grade and sloping toward the road. I also double checked the cleanout by the house/tank and never saw any water coming back toward the tank while y water pump was running. I think i may be plenty far enough from the bouse and the septic discharge is sloped plenty to not worry about water from the pond comjng back towars the tank Any advics appreciated and apologize for grammer typing on the phone sucks
Category: Plumber Post By: LORRAINE DAY (Lee's Summit, MO), 06/26/2016

Bump for an answer please

- KENT HARMON (Orlando, FL), 09/15/2017

Most (All?) municipal or community sewage systems have strict rules on what can be attached to the sewer line. Just one example: Putting storm water runoff (such as your pond overflow) into the system can easily overwhelm the sewage treatment plant with both excess water and the associated solids (soil) that the water may carry. The situation where the plant's capacity is exceeded would lead to the combined untreated sewage and storm water getting to the ground or waterways near the sewage plant. That is why municipal systems have separated sewage and storm drains. If you really intend to do this, I would ask the sewage authority.

- SUZANNE WELCH (Pontiac, MI), 09/30/2017

The problem would be if any materials other than water went down the drain. That and the city/county might frown on it.

- DWIGHT LOVE (Sarasota, FL), 10/10/2017

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