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Ok framing complete yesterday. Starting to run my plumbing. Wouldn't you know, the first hole in a 2x6 bottom plate for a vanity drain ended up directly on top of a double weight bearing I joist! So ther is no option to move the vanity. Here is my question; is it totally ok to have the plumbing drain enter the vanity through the vanity floor.... As closes to the back wall and then 45 out the top of the santee back into the wall above the top plate so I can run my vent stack up to the roof? Thank you for your help Jim in Nashville,TN
Category: Plumber Post By: BRANDON GOMEZ (Buena Park, CA), 08/27/2017

go for it...........

- PAUL TAYLOR (Huntington Beach, CA), 09/01/2017

Thanks for your quick response. I assume from your sketch you are showing the vent pipe 45'd out of the vanity floor and traveling up the inner wall. So would you mind adding the sink P' trap just so I am 100% sure? Also just to make you laugh...after I sent the 1st post I discovered the other 3 bath and powder rooms have the same double joist under the needed wall too! By any chance coming through the vanity floor with the drain is ok with the UPC? Thanks again Macgyver

- MAE HARMON (Watsonville, CA), 09/24/2017

If you are using a standard cabinet as a vanity, you can usually offset the drain pipe back into the wall using (2) 1/8 bends (drainage 45's) underneath the body of the cabinet. I have done that many times when faced with your situation.

- GENE NUNEZ (Walnut Creek, CA), 10/03/2017

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